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What I Ate Wednesday #20

Good afternoon! I have a new love for Wednesdays. I only have one two hour class in the morning, so it’s a short day with lots of free time! This month’s What I Ate Wednesday Theme is “Fall into good … finish reading What I Ate Wednesday #20

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Uchi Houston Review

Good morning! First off, happy birthday to my Mom! Second, my computer is alive (knock on wood) and just in time for my first day of grad school classes. Whew! I was planning on sharing a recipe today, but my … finish reading Uchi Houston Review

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What I Ate Wednesday #18 and Sorrel Urban Bistro Review

Good afternoon! I hope your Wednesday is flying by! I’ve been busy with grad school orientation and everything that comes with getting ready for school. Classes start Monday! I’m currently blogging from my Mom’s laptop because mine is in the … finish reading What I Ate Wednesday #18 and Sorrel Urban Bistro Review

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Weekend in the White Mountains and the Mythical New Hampshire Moose

Good morning! I am officially on vacation. Well, not really vacation, but I’m not working :). Luke and I did take a little getaway to the White Mountains over the weekend though. We stayed at the Adair Inn in Bethlehem, … finish reading Weekend in the White Mountains and the Mythical New Hampshire Moose

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Simple Maple Cinnamon Granola and Tek-Nique Restaurant Review

I hope everyone had a great weekend! After running my first 5K on Saturday (recap here), I celebrated with some delicious Strawberry Margaritas for Cinco de Mayo. Then I slept for 12 hours! I can’t even remember the last time … finish reading Simple Maple Cinnamon Granola and Tek-Nique Restaurant Review

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Anniversary Weekend in Kennebunkport

Good morning! I’d much rather be waking up to a beautiful beach right now, but all good weekends must come to an end. Sigh. We had a great anniversary weekend in Kennebunkport, Maine. If you’ve never heard of Kennebunkport, it’s … finish reading Anniversary Weekend in Kennebunkport

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Review: The Book Thief

Last night, Luke and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and had dinner on the patio at our favorite restaurant in Manchester, Republic Cafe. We started off with the Whipped Fresh Spicy Feta Dip and pita bread – delicious … finish reading Review: The Book Thief

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Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes

Sunday morning in a nutshell: Yes, he is very spoiled and sleeps in our bed. He is, however, not allowed in the sheets and decided to take my spot after I got out of bed this morning. Oh well. Sometimes, … finish reading Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes

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