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Three Minute Microwave Banana Oatmeal

Happy Halloween! It’s going to be a bit chilly for trick-or-treaters tonight. Since this is our first Halloween in our new house, I’m not sure how many kids to expect, but hopefully we get a few! Until this morning’s blast … finish reading Three Minute Microwave Banana Oatmeal

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Chocolate Lover’s Granola

Did you know that granola was originally called “granula”? Its original form was crumbled graham flour and the inventor was Dr. James Caleb Jackson. It was Dr. John Harvey Kellogg who changed the “u” to an “o” and called his … finish reading Chocolate Lover’s Granola

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Chocolate Nutella Granola Bars – So. Good.

This morning I was reading “10 Ways to Sneak in a Workout” from Fitness Magazine when I came across tip number 8: a recommendation to do lunges and squats while waiting in line at the store. I thought the article … finish reading Chocolate Nutella Granola Bars – So. Good.

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Raspberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats

I had another not so great run today – I really need to get out of this bad run rut somehow. My gym was also 84 DEGREES! I was dying from the heat. Maybe that contributed to my not so … finish reading Raspberry Cheesecake Overnight Oats

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Simple Raspberry Chocolate Overnight Oats

One of the things I love most about overnight oats for breakfast is that they are usually super easy to put together the night before, and then when you wake up your breakfast is ready! Last night, as we had … finish reading Simple Raspberry Chocolate Overnight Oats

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The Demise of Grandma’s Cookies?

This afternoon, I wanted to talk about whether online recipes are resulting in the the disappearance of traditional family recipes.  But first, I must mention the delicious breakfast that I had this morning. Overnight oats, of course :).  But, in … finish reading The Demise of Grandma’s Cookies?

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Healthy Pink Pancakes

I usually take Sunday as my rest day from working out, so it’s become the perfect day to have a lazy morning and make pancakes.  By the way, for any Hunger Games fans out there – here’s some motivation to … finish reading Healthy Pink Pancakes

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Nutella Overnight Oats – Best. Breakfast. Ever.

New running record today!  I ran 28 minutes without a walk break!  I am hoping to run 30 minutes straight on my next run, which has been my goal for a few months :). I think a small celebration is … finish reading Nutella Overnight Oats – Best. Breakfast. Ever.

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Nutella Granola – The Best Granola Ever

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday!  This afternoon we took Teddy to the “Rail Trail” in Hooksett, NH for a nice walk.  It’s his favorite place to go because we let him off his leash and he can … finish reading Nutella Granola – The Best Granola Ever

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