Snack Attack and Fitness Routine

I’ve received a couple of questions concerning my daily workout routine, so I thought I’d share with you what a typical week looks like for me.  If reading about my workouts sounds like a bore, feel free to scroll ahead.

One of the tips that I received and that I would strongly recommend is that beginner runners should run every other day and increase their distance and time gradually in order to prevent injury.  When I started running, I suffered from pretty bad shin splints in one of my calves, and running every other day and not adding too much mileage at a time has definitely helped ease that pain.  I’ve also begun wearing compression sleeves, and purchased properly fitted running shoes – both of which I think are helping with my shin splints as well.  On days when I am not running, I like to bike for about 25 minutes (at the gym) and focus on weights and strength exercises.  Finally, I take one or two rest days every week.  I am hoping to add yoga to my routine soon as well :).  If you’re further interested in my daily fitness routine, I’ve added a workout log to my homepage.

Now onto the food!  Today I had some delicious leftover chile con queso for lunch, but usually if I’m at home and able to, I am more of a snacker than a lunch person.  I generally have a big breakfast and then multiple snacks throughout the day until dinner.  I thought I’d focus on sharing my favorite healthy snacks with you this week.

My most favorite snack would probably have to be a flavored Chobani greek yogurt with homemade granola mixed in.  The best Chobani flavors, in my opinion, are apple cinnamon and raspberry.  I’m sure there’s a flavor you’ll love!  These greek yogurts are high in protein, and contain live and active cultures and probiotics that help regulate your digestive system.

Yogurt can be kind of messy, so when I’m on the go, I like to snack on Cliff Kid ZBars.  I know I’m not a kid, but they’re just too good!  They are much better than conventional granola bars because they are made with whole grain oats, contain no high fructose corn syrup, preservatives or artificial flavors, and also contain lots of vitamins and minerals.  I keep them stocked in my purse for when I’m out and about and get hungry.  I love the S’Mores flavor, but my latest obsession is the Iced Oatmeal Cookie flavor.

Unfortunately, I can only seem to find this flavor at target.  But I promise, it tastes so good!  If you ever ate those processed oatmeal cookie sandwiches as a kid, this tastes like that!  And it’s healthy for you – win win!

A couple of my other favorite snacks include dried cranberries, flavored pumpkin seeds, and of course, I can’t forget fruit!

I’ll be posting a bunch of homemade snack recipes throughout the week, so check back if you’re hungry for more :).

And even though it’s looking like he may choose the awful Courtney, I’ll be rooting for my fellow Texan, Nicki, on The Bachelor tonight…can’t wait!

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  1. Jessica James says:

    Yeah I was really upset too when he got rid of Nicki. Not only is she a fellow Texan, but she’s also a fellow Aggie!

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