Same Blog, New Look!

I spent most of the day today (and the past few days) redesigning my blog and switching over to It took more time than I thought! Hope you like the new design! I’ll be back to posting more delicious recipes tomorrow :).

The rest of the day was spent on a long walk with Teddy and Luke at the Hooksett Rail Trail. We had record high temperatures in New Hampshire today (almost 80!) and it was wonderful!

Teddy had a fabulous time!

He even made a new friend! (well, actually he made lots of friends but we captured these two!)

I am so happy to have my little man back! I really don’t know how I ever lived without him :).

Tasty recipes coming your way tomorrow!


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5 Responses to Same Blog, New Look!

  1. Linda Tracz says:

    It looks great!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the new design. I can not believe how nice the weather has been the past two days. Its so nice. I skied and then went for a run in shorts and a tank top. I gotta admit, I kind of like it. Who needs a winter?

    • admin says:

      Thanks! Haha you went skiing?! My boyfriend said he saw people skiing at Whaleback but I couldn’t believe it. Looks like we have a whole week of great weather ahead of us!

  3. Lauren says:

    Well, it is nice to finally meet a foodie friend from New Hampshire. I am also from Manchester, New Hampshire. How weird is that?

    Your blog looks great and I can’t wait for some recipes. 😉

    Enjoy your Monday!!

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