Half-Marathon Training Update

I hope your weekend is off to a good start! As another week of running and Pure Barre comes to an end, I figured it was time for an update on my half-marathon training.

So far, I’ve stuck with my half-marathon training plan of running three days a week, in addition to 2-3 days of Pure Barre. I’ve been doing Pure Barre for almost 2 months now, and I’m still loving it. As my schedule is very flexible right now, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to plan my long runs according to when the best weather is each week. Running in 55 degrees is so much better than running in 75 degrees and high humidity!

This week, in addition to two 30 minute runs, I ran 8 miles along Salem Lake – which is now one of my favorite trails in Winston. The trail is about 7 miles long and loops the entire lake. Though there are definitely some small hills, it felt a lot less hilly than running through Wake’s campus and the Reynolda/Graylyn trails. And you get a pretty lake view for 95% of the trail (the other 5% is just a nice forest view).

Salem Lake

I will definitely be returning to Salem Lake, as I’m sure it will get prettier and prettier as the leaves change more.

Salem Lake

My 8 mile run was okay, but not great. I had an 11:30 pace according to my Garmin, though MapMyRun claims it was a 10:45 pace and that I went 8.6 miles! I kept a 3:1 run/walk ratio for most of the run. At mile 6, my legs were starting to get sore and I got a little lost – the trail forked and I went the wrong way, of course! Overall, other than a little bit of runner’s knee pain afterwards, my long runs have been going fairly well.

Last weekend I also completed another Vineyard Stomp 5K at Olde Mill Vineyards. It was a really hard race again, and I was very slow, but there’s just nothing quite like running through the vineyards!

Vineyard Stomp 5K

I have one more Vineyard Stomp 5K at the end of October, and I’m hoping to sign up for another 5K or 10K before my half in December. It’s hard to believe I only have three long runs left in my training! Half #3 will be here before I know it!

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