Purre Barre “Bring on the Men” & Six Month Milestone

This week marked two important Pure Barre milestones: Luke’s first Pure Barre class and six months of Pure Barre for me! A couple more months and I will be a member of the “100 Club”.

Pure Barre

The “Bring on the Men” class that Luke and I attended was amazing. It was so much fun watching the guys experience a class. I was going to try not to laugh throughout the class, but a few seconds into the warm-up and I gave up. It was hilarious. We were just doing high knees and the boys tried so hard, but somehow failed. When the instructor cued our 90 second plank, Luke whispered to me, “that’s a long time!” I smiled. The boys continued pushing through the class and kept looking over at their significant others in wonder. The look on Luke’s face during some of the moves was priceless. He would look over at me with a look that read, “how in the world am I supposed to get into that position? and tuck?! and lift?! and lift again?!” We really have to work on his tuck for the next class…

I have to give it to all of the guys who came – they really did try! Major props to my husband for agreeing to come and giving it his all.

So, what did Luke think after his first class?

“It was hard and a real workout, but I definitely didn’t do a lot of the tucking and other moves right. I gave up many times when I couldn’t hold a position for more than few seconds, and made the mistake of using the 3 pound dumbells instead of the smaller ones. If you’re doing all the exercises correctly — or close enough — it’s all really hard. And two days later I still feel sore.” Truth.

Pure Barre

He didn’t seem quite as distraught from the experience as this guy, but he certainly has a better understanding of how hard Pure Barre actually is and why I enjoy it. Explaining what we do in class can be very difficult, and now he has a sense of what I’m doing night after night.

Six Month Update

As for a six month update… I still love Pure Barre for all the reasons I stated before. The only thing that has changed is that I sweat a lot more than I used to – probably because I’m finally doing most of the moves correctly! Whenever I feel like a move is easy, I listen to the instructor and look around the room. Usually, I’m not on my highest tippy toes or with my hips below the barre. An inch higher on my toes and I feel the burn.

Six months of Pure Barre has definitely toned my body. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I think I would do Pure Barre if only for the ab portion. My abs are more toned than they have ever been. As core strength is important for pretty much any exercise you are doing, Pure Barre is worth it just for strengthening my core so much.

I still struggle with spending so much on Pure Barre, but as my husband says, if you’re going to spend money on anything, fitness will pay off in the end. Luckily, because of my concurrent love for running, I never do Pure Barre more than three times a week. I tell myself this keeps the price slightly lower, knowing that otherwise, I would probably pay for unlimited classes.

In conclusion, my love for Pure Barre continues and I don’t see it stopping any time soon. I will continue to recommend it to anyone I know! And next time my studio offers a “Bring on the Men” class, count us in!

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