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My name is Caroline and I’m a 27-year-old living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  I enjoy cooking, running, and hanging out with my husband, Luke, and dog, Teddy. A few years ago, after months of being inspired by healthy living blogs, I decided to start one of my own! My story is somewhat unique.  Growing up, my diet consisted primarily of cheese, white bread, and ice cream.  At a young age, my Mom told me that if I refused to eat what she cooked for the family, I’d have to cook for myself- so I did.  I would eat grilled cheese, fried mozzarella sticks, bagel bites, or a quesadilla for dinner every single night- and yes, I mean every single night.  Followed by a giant (I mean at least 5 big scoops) bowl of ice cream after dinner.  I NEVER ate vegetables and occasionally ate fruit.  I inherited a high metabolism from my Dad, so I ate what I liked and was always still thin.

Then I got to college.  I went to American University in Washington, D.C.  My options at the dining hall were more limited – pizza or grilled cheese, and frozen yogurt.  I got by.  Then, I met my husband, Luke.  He grew up eating healthy and seemed to like it. I didn’t understand.  Miraculously (to this day my parents still don’t understand how), Luke gradually got me to try new things.  And by new things – it started out very simple- roast chicken, Chinese food- things I would never have eaten before.  By the end of college I was eating Thai food (my favorite!), Indian food, even Ethiopian food!  But still, I wasn’t really eating any vegetables or many healthy foods (just new ones).

After we graduated, we moved to New Hampshire to work on political campaigns.  What most young, aspiring politicos don’t understand about campaign jobs is that most of what you do is sit at your desk and make phone calls.  So, throughout my political jobs I had a lot of time on my hands at the computer, and that’s when I became immersed in healthy living blogs. Up until that point, with the exception of one summer during college, I never went to the gym or worked out.  I didn’t see the need to – I was already skinny and able to eat what I wanted.  As I started to read all these healthy living blogs, I learned that you should work out because it’s good for you and good for your body – not because you “need” to.  I was also inspired by people’s running stories.  I had always thought you had to be an athlete to be able to run and never knew that anyone could run if they gradually built up their endurance.  So I, the girl that dreaded running “the mile” in school and used to run (well walk mostly) away from lacrosse practice with my best friend, gave running a try.  I started out running/walking with my dog outside at 1 minute intervals, and eventually ended up going to the gym 5-6 days a week.  I loved the way that exercising made me feel afterwards.  I admit, I still don’t necessarily love running as it’s happening, but I love the sense of accomplishment when I run new distances or time intervals.  I ran my first 5k on May 5, 2012 and though I didn’t get the time I wanted, I came pretty close and I finished :). I’ve since run many more 5ks, 10ks, and four half marathons!

Rhythm and Blues Half

As I got more into running and became a regular reader of a multitude of healthy living blogs, I began to care more about the food that I was putting into my body.  Recipe after recipe I began unlocking the big secret – you can cook to make veggies taste GOOD!  I still won’t eat a raw carrot or celery stick, but a spinach smoothie or sautéed, spiced brussels sprouts- count me in!

My food philosophy now is to eat real foods.  I don’t count calories or adhere to a diet.  I do try to eat more vegetables and fruits, and less processed food.  Like everyone, I have my guilty pleasures – the two main ones are wine and goldfish.  But overall, I try to fuel my body with nutritious, whole food that tastes yummy!

I could go into much more detail about my diet transformation – but I don’t want to bore everyone!  The main thing I learned is that you are what you eat and if you want to live a fulfilling life, exercise and delicious, nutritious foods will be the backbone of that.  I’d like to help impart this wisdom to other people just as others have done for me.  That’s why I started this blog, and that’s why I left my short career in politics behind, pursued my Master of Public Health in Health Promotion, and want to make a career out of helping others live healthy lives.  I hope I can inspire you!

That about wraps up my story! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoy it!


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My Story

  1. Joe says:

    LUKE how come you never told me about this blog?
    I have to learn to cook better foods.

    Nice work Caroline, you’re a gem

  2. Love your story, girl! I grew up eating vegetables and like them now. It’s great to hear that you found something that works for you. And yay D.C.! I’m at Georgetown now 🙂
    Lexi @ You, Me, & A World to See recently posted..Two Days in LA–Part 2My Profile

  3. Shannon says:

    I LOVE your story! so many (including me) become too obsessed with eating “healthy” and it goes too far, but you have an awesome relationship with food and I admire it so much! can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  4. Min says:

    Hi Caroline! I love what you said – “…make sure to let everyone know I’m a Texan first and foremost.” Yea go Texas! Hehe. can you tell I’m a Texan also? =)
    I ate really poorly growing up also. But now, I focus on eating the rainbow (hence the name of my blog). I’ve recently joined this blogging community, and isn’t it just truly amazing? I’ve also left behind a short career in advertising and am pursuing a Masters of Nutrition. Let’s toast to our new beginnings!!

    • Caroline says:

      Thanks for stopping by! It’s always awesome to find a fellow Texas blogger 🙂 Love the name of your blog too! I hope we are both successful in our new health careers!

  5. OooOO I really like your story Caroline! I think it’s so cool that your boyfriend first started living a healthy lifestyle. And it does seem like a miracle the way that your eating changed from back then. I’m glad you’re doing it for health reasons and have such a healthy perspective on it all! 😀
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..Spice up Your Glutes and Your Love LifeMy Profile

  6. Katie H. says:

    You had me at wine and Goldfish 🙂
    Katie H. recently posted..New Theme: BalloonsMy Profile

  7. cupcake Leigh says:

    Some of your recipes sound so good .. I also live in Houston area..just turned 30 trying to cook at home more and be more health conscious

  8. Erika says:

    Hi Caroline! Enjoyed reading your story, and I am looking forward to getting to know you better!:)

  9. Abigail says:

    I stumbled upon your page when I was trying to look for a healthier but MUCH more practical version to ‘Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt.’ I read on and on then saw that you’re from Houston, TX…as I am! Further, I read your ‘about me’ section and found some similarities to your story (well, towards the end about eating healthy and SORT-OF, kinda getting into running). ha After reading your page, you inspired me to continue writing on my own blog. I love living a healthy lifestyle and sharing it with others but lately, I’ve found it difficult to keep up with my entries because of work and school… and ahem! my husband. 😛 But thanks to you… I’m inspired again.

    Well just wanted to thank you and to keep doing what you’re doing!
    – Abby
    Abigail recently posted..Prepping for the Week (4/1/12)My Profile

    • Caroline says:

      These kinds of comments make my day! Thanks for stopping by :). I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my blog lately too – just blog when you feel inspired! Clicking on your blog right now :).

  10. Chris Summers says:

    Nice story. I found your blog because I was looking for something different for a miso marinade for fish with ingredients that I have without having to go out and buy more. So I found your recipe and it is closer to what I have so I borrowed it and added some other ingredients that I have and have liberally doused a big piece of monchong, a fish you can only get in Hawaii.

    I am lucky enough to be self employed and able to travel with my wife as she travels for work. This month we are in Oahu, Hawaii and will be back in about 3 weeks for another month here. Last year we spent 3 months in Wales and 2 months in Australia! I usually stay home when she has to go to North Dakota or Midland, Texas. By the way, I live in Houston, too! We reside in Kingwood.

    Anyway, love our blog! I do all the cooking and when we travel, my job is cook, chauffeur and tour guide or snorkeling guide or whatever! I will keep checking back!

  11. Markus says:

    Just came across your blog while searching for a red pepper hummus recipe. Tried it out– fantastic! I read your story and it’s a very inspiring one. Being from Canada, I find it amazing that someone as far away as Houston can have such a positive impact on others via a simple blog. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s making a difference!

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