What I Ate Wednesday #16

Good morning and happy birthday month to me! It’s hard to believe it’s already August! This is my last Wednesday with my summer job as a law firm receptionist, so it’s my last day of full-time working eats. Hopefully my eats will be more varied and interesting once I’m a student again :). Thanks again to Jenn for hosting WIAW. For those of you who don’t know, Jen over at Peas and Crayons hosts WIAW every week – check out her blog for more information on it and to find some new blogs to read.


Breakfast was raspberry vanilla overnight oats – old fashioned oats, vanilla greek yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, a splash of vanilla extract and frozen raspberries (that thaw overnight). After being out of town for a few days over the weekend, I was seriously missing my overnight oats! I don’t know what I’m going to do when I’m roadtripping from New Hampshire to Houston in a few days and can’t have my oats again!

My mid-morning snack was a Cliff Kid’s Iced Oatmeal Cookie Zbar. I haven’t had one in a while and I almost forgot how good they are, almost. Yum!


Lunch was a piece of toasted multigrain pumpkin seed bread topped with spinach artichoke hummus, an apple topped with Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, and a bowl of Chobani’s new flavor, Vanilla Chocolate Chunk, topped with some Bear Naked Heavenly Chocolate granola. If you have not tried the new Chobani flavor, do it! It is so good. It’s really more of a dessert though. After I took my first bite of deliciousness, I looked on the label and found that it has 30 grams of sugar. So, it’s not the healthiest, but it’s fairly healthy for a sweet treat!

Teddy was clearly eyeing my apples at lunch! He can’t decide if he likes apples or almond butter more :).


After work, I took Teddy on a short walk followed by a 2 mile run around the neighborhood. I was very grateful for the sub-80 temperatures on my run yesterday!


Dinner was sesame seared tuna (recipe here) along with a kale salad with chickpeas, dried cranberries and a homemade tahini vinaigrette. It was just the delicious, healthy meal I needed after a weekend of mostly junk food.

After dinner, I enjoyed a refreshing glass of 90+ Cellars Sauvignon Blanc (from the Marlborough region, of course) and an un-pictured bowl of ice cream while I watched the Olympics. Gymnastics is and always will be the best sport ever!

And that’s what I ate Wednesday Tuesday! Be back tomorrow with a new recipe!

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25 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday #16

  1. Happy birthday month!!!! Your eats look great!
    Danielle @ Clean Food Creative Fitness recently posted..What I ate WednesdayMy Profile

  2. I haven’t had seared tuna in so long but man you made me want it. That looks so good!
    Alex @ therunwithin recently posted..Whacked OutMy Profile

  3. Happy birthday month….

    ….and did you just say Chobani vanilla chocolate chunk? WHAT IN ALL EARTH IS THIS MAGIC!?!?!?!? And why has it not hit Orlando yet????
    Faith @ For the Health of It recently posted..A Healthier Office + Global Physical Activity LevelMy Profile

  4. Aww, adorable Teddy! That seared tuna looks so delicious!
    Laurie @ Love, Laugh, Laurie recently posted..Beautiful Blogger AwardMy Profile

  5. ugh that tuna and kale salad looks divine!!! I love seared tuna

  6. Min says:

    Aww..I bet you’re feeling bittersweet about your job coming to an end…so I’m guessing. But exciting things up ahead! Like moving to Houston!!! Can’t wait to meet you ;). We can be nerdy students and crazy foodies together hehe.
    Kona def prefers the nut butters! I don’t like giving it to him too often bc it gets all stuck in his mustache. But I usually give in to his desperate eyes ;). Can’t get over how cute Teddy is. He and Kona have to meet also!! Wonderful day of eats! Looking forward to the recipe, Caroline!
    Min recently posted..WIAW #4My Profile

    • Caroline says:

      Haha nope this is the most boring job ever! I am ready to be done! Haha I have the same problem with letting Teddy lick yogurt – he gets it all over his face. And yes – I think Teddy and Kona would be great friends!

  7. Laura Lea says:

    No joke–your WIAW is literally my dream day of eats. Obsessed with everything you had! Esp. the bowl of ice cream to top it all off :).

  8. Your food looks so good and gave me some good ideas for snacks. That tuna really looks amazing!

    Happy birthday month!
    K @ Finding a skinnier me recently posted..Summer Staples… WIAWMy Profile

  9. I’m obsessed with your pup!

    Your eats look so good, especially that dinner!! YUM!

  10. Ah, I am dying to try that new Chobani flavor!! I haven’t been able to find it in my grocery store yet, but hopefully it will appear soon!
    Michelle (Better with Berries) recently posted..WIAW: Climbing Grays and Torreys PeaksMy Profile

    • Caroline says:

      My boyfriend just came home with it this past weekend – not sure where he found it but I’m glad he did!

  11. Jessie says:

    As always, your meals look delicious… especially the seared tuna!

    Teddy is too adorable girl. I seriously just wanna come visit you & cuddle with him!! Have a wonderful day!
    Jessie recently posted..WIAW #2My Profile

  12. Seared ahi tuna and kale salad is pretty much my ideal dream meal! I’ve actually never seared my own though; I always save it for special restaurant orders. But how hard can it be? I’m definitely going to go check out that recipe! 🙂

    I can’t wait to try the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk Chobani! My shipment is supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I most definitely will be opening that container first. I only wish they’d reduce the sugar a bit–30 grams is pretty hefty for one serving! I’m guessing that the amazing flavor makes every gram totally worth it though. 😉
    Sara @ Nourish and Flourish recently posted..How I Eat When I Dine At a Restaurant: Dinner at BarbacoaMy Profile

  13. Mmm everything looks amazing, as usual! Especially your breakfast- chocolate granola+ yogurt is incredible:)
    Sunnie (moderngirlnutrition) recently posted..Staples to Healthy EatingMy Profile

  14. The seared tuna looks so fantastic! Sadly it is really hard to get good seafood so I am super jealous of your dinner 🙂
    Emilie @ Hungry Delights recently posted..WIAW – Summer Compensation & Best (Healthy) Lasagna in the UNIVERSEMy Profile

  15. Elle@TheWay says:

    I don’t think I could make it without Justin’s Maple Almond Butter!
    That tuna looks delicious! We don’t get good fish here in the middle of the US. : (

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