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Simple Sesame Noodles

I had a great Best Body Bootcamp workout this morning. My muscles are really feeling it from Tuesday’s workout, and I know I’ll be feeling today’s workout for a few days too. But sore muscles are good in my book! … finish reading Simple Sesame Noodles

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Sweet ‘N Spicy Korean Stew

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.  Before I share my recipe for my favorite Asian stew with you, I thought I’d give you a little humor.  Luke took this video of Teddy in the snow the other night. … finish reading Sweet ‘N Spicy Korean Stew

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Sweet and Sour Squash

As promised, below you’ll find out how to make delicious and nutritious sweet and sour squash. Fun fact of the day: butternut squash is actually a fruit!  I never knew this.  I also found out recently that eggplant is a … finish reading Sweet and Sour Squash

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Seared Thai Beef – And Why Grass-Fed is Better

I guess we’re on an Asian kick this week!  Last night, we cooked up some extremely tasty Seared Thai Beef.  This is another one of my favorite Asian dishes, and we hadn’t cooked it in far too long.  Luke happened … finish reading Seared Thai Beef – And Why Grass-Fed is Better

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Want to eat the picture on my homepage? Here ya go!

One of my favorite cuisines is Asian food, so Luke (my boyfriend) and I cook it often and love to experiment with new flavors and recipes.  Tuna was actually the first fish Luke got me to like (only seared, meaning … finish reading Want to eat the picture on my homepage? Here ya go!

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