Live Healthy for YOU

This morning, I came across this on one of the blogs I read (Carrots ‘N’ Cake):

It’s a little harsh, but I think we all either need to hear it at times, or know someone who needs to hear it.  I am a strong believer that the decision to live healthy has to be your own.  You have to do it for you.

Force doesn’t work when it comes to telling people to eat their vegetables and to go to the gym.  I think you have to reach a point where you understand healthy living and want to change your habits for yourself. It’s hard to watch people you love live unhealthy lives, especially because there are consequences like diabetes and cancer.  But I never cared when people told me eating cheese and bread for every meal wasn’t healthy.  I simply ate what I wanted and didn’t go to the gym because I didn’t think I needed to and I didn’t want to.  As I began to learn more about food, tried new cuisines, and realized exercise is essential to my health and started to enjoy it, healthy living simply began to stick.  I can tell my story to as many people as I want, but not everyone will get it.  I think all we can do is continue to promote healthy living and hope people reach their own “healthy tipping points” as I did.

So if anyone out there is reading and hasn’t reached that point yet, here’s some more motivation :).

I’m off to get a workout in!  I’ll be back later today with a new recipe :).

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