Best Body Bootcamp – Getting Fit Through an Online Healthy Living and Fitness Network

I didn’t mention it yesterday, but this week I’ve started Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.

It’s an 8 week program run by a fellow healthy living blogger (and personal trainer) that promises a fun and flexible way to get in shape.  I wanted to do it because I need to focus more on strength training, and this gives me planned strength workouts.  The program goes to show how social media is shaping healthy living even further.  Everything is setup through the internet and there is a network of bloggers and non-bloggers alike doing the program.  There’s a Facebook group, a Twitter hashtag and everything.  Such a cool concept – I’m very excited to see how it goes!

I’m customizing the plan quite a bit because I want to continue my running and I’m also hoping to start going to yoga once a week.  I am planning to run three times a week for my “cardio blocks”, do two to three days of the strength circuit workouts, and one day of yoga per week.  I haven’t decided if I will want to do a strength workout on the same day as my yoga class yet.  I will also include one rest day per week.

The bootcamp also asks everyone to focus on two personal health goals. My first goal will be to stretch every day, because I always forget to!  My second goal will be to do a plank every day.

I am changing up the proposed bootcamp schedule and this week I will run Monday (already did), Wednesday, and Friday and do my strength workouts on Tuesday (just did it!) and Thursday.  On Saturday I am hopefully doing a beginner’s yoga workshop.

Today was my first strength workout and it was great!  My arms and legs were both shaking at times, but that’s a good thing!  I know I’ll feel it tomorrow :).

After my workout, I refueled with a spinach smoothie, which Teddy was very intrigued by.

I’m off to start cooking a new recipe for dinner tonight – if it works, I’ll be sharing tomorrow.  Hoping for deliciousness!

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2 Responses to Best Body Bootcamp – Getting Fit Through an Online Healthy Living and Fitness Network

  1. avigail says:

    Hi little,
    Have you ever tried pineapple and banana? The combination is yummy.
    Also, I am obsessed with “Body Pump”. I take it about 3 times a week and in about 4 weeks I have gotten super toned. Unlike you, I have a layer of fat surrounding the tone, but my cardio is working on that. You should check it out to see if your gym offers the class.

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