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Last night, Luke and I had a delicious dinner at 36 deLux (in Manchester, NH). It used to be called Richard’s Bistro, so it is a relatively new restaurant under the new name. After living in DC for four years, Luke and I are pretty picky when it comes to labeling a place as a good restaurant.  There aren’t too many in Manchester, but 36 deLux gets our stamp of approval. If you are local and new to my blog, check out my review of our favorite restaurant in Manchester, Republic Cafe.

One aspect that I immediately love about 36 deLux is that they bring you out a special (and complimentary) appetizer before you even order (or get your fresh bread!). Yesterday’s special was homemade pita bread and hummus.

Next, we were served a basket of a variety of fresh baked breads – rosemary foccaccia, a dill roll and a cheese and artichoke roll.

They must know I love my bread!

For an appetizer, we shared Meatloaf Stuffed Mushrooms with scallions and a cheddar cheese sauce.

Now, I am not a mushroom person. For some reason, I felt adventurous last night and decided to order these. I ended up liking them quite a bit. The mushrooms were not overwhelming and the meatloaf stuffing had a wonderful flavor. In addition, you can always win me over by adding a cheese sauce :).

For dinner, I had the Duck A L’Orange which consisted of a duck breast, a duck confit leg, roasted cauliflower, and an english pea and faro salad.

When I go out to eat, duck is one of my favorite things to order because I never cook it at home. This duck was cooked very well and had a tasty orange sauce. The faro was delicious too, though I thought it was barley! They are very similar. I think this was my first time having faro. The cauliflower was surprisingly good too – my only complaint was that I wish there had been more cauliflower!

Luke had the Chicken Milanese with arugula, capers, shaved red onions, otama cheese and a lemon herb sauce.

It was also very good. The chicken had a nice crust and the salad had great flavor. I do wish there had been a little more sauce on the chicken though.

We were too full for dessert, as usual, but they brought us complimentary dessert anyways! Chocolate covered strawberries!

They were a great ending to a great meal! Overall, we really enjoyed our food. We had been to 36 deLux once or twice before, and we will definitely be going back – especially if they put another coupon in the mail! (We got $20 off $50.) If you’re ever in Manchester, I recommend you check out 36 deLux! They have great lunch deals too.

Check back later today for a sweet treat – a recipe for Nutella Swirl Zucchini Muffins!


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  1. IT would be so awesome if more restaurants did the free appetizer thing – I’ll take hummus and pita over a chips and salsa basket any day, so that was a good call on their part!

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